Our pricing is straightforward.

Try out our features for free then add a payment method to get access to additional features, unlimited usage, and access to premium queues.

Free Tier

  • Image Generation: Generate 100 images on a standard queue.
  • Model Fine-Tuning: Generate 1 model on a standard queue.

Pro Plan

Add a payment method, then only pay for what you use.

  • Image Generation: Pay $0.005 per image (premium queue).
  • Model Fine-Tuning: Pay $2 per model version trained (premium queue)

How to Upgrade

Log into your account and within the desired project you wish to upgrade, click on the "Upgrade" button on the top navbar.

How to Cancel

You can cancel any time by logging into your account on Leap, heading over to the Usage page (click on View Usage on the navbar) and then clicking on the "Manage/Cancel my Subscription" button.

Note: you will be billed for usage incurred before your cancellation.

For any support inquiries, email us at [email protected]