We support a few open source models. If you'd like more to be added, shoot us a message in our Discord.

Please be sure to look at the sample prompt, as some models require a keyword to be included in your prompt in order for the model to be triggered.

Model NameModel IdSample Prompt
Stable Diffusion 1.58b1b897c-d66d-45a6-b8d7-8e32421d02cfA red bird
Stable Diffusion 2.1ee88d150-4259-4b77-9d0f-090abe29f650A red bird
OpenJourney v41e7737d7-545e-469f-857f-e4b46eaa151dA red bird
OpenJourney v2d66b1686-5e5d-43b2-a2e7-d295d679917cA red bird
OpenJourney v17575ea52-3d4f-400f-9ded-09f7b1b1a5b8A red bird mdjrny-v4 style
Modern Disney8ead1e66-5722-4ff6-a13f-b5212f575321A red bird modern disney style
Future Diffusion1285ded4-b11b-4993-a491-d87cdfe6310cA red bird future style
Realistic Vision v2.0eab32df0-de26-4b83-a908-a83f3015e971A red bird

You can use the model ID when you're generating images. For more info on how to generate images, visit the Generate Image page.